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Has anyone heard of Digg? I never knew of it till I actually saw how another forum gave members the option of submitting their topic of interests to Digg.com where users from all around the world had the oppurtunity to view these topics and comment. So basically when you want to share a topic on CFS with the world (Christian and non-Christians) you just digg em. :) I thought we should have it and I decided to tweak the codes a lil bit to include this feature. and voila... :D


Oh and if you want to know how Digg works, visit: http://www.digg.com/how
I have Dugg a topic from the site and you can see it here: http://digg.com/offbeat_news/Where_do_all_these_religions_come_from
Choose your topics carefully so trouble makers are not invited to join. Dont digg to many topics a given day, that might cause our forum to be banned from Digg. Use it wisely and only when you really want to.

Another update:
The editor window will now show smileys and textual modifications as it would appear if you posted them. Those confusing :smile_anim2: :frown_anim: etc etc are out.