Disciples vs. Converts

From: http://www.relevantmagazine.com/god/were-called-make-disciples-not-converts

Our mission isn’t to win converts; it’s to make disciples. So what is the difference?

Converts are believers who live like the world. Disciples are believers who live like Jesus.
Converts are focused on their values, interests, worries, fears, priorities, and lifestyles. Disciples are focused on Jesus.
Converts go to church. Disciples are the church.
Converts are involved in the mission of Jesus. Disciples are committed to it.
Converts cheer from the sidelines. Disciples are in the game.
Converts hear the word of God. Disciples live it.
Converts follow the rules. Disciples follow Jesus.
Converts are all about believing. Disciples are all about being.
Converts are comfortable. Disciples make sacrifices.
Converts talk. Disciples make more disciples.

A disciple is someone who whole-heartedly follows the life and example of Jesus, who makes His mission their mission, His values their values, and His heart their heart. A disciple is someone who desperately seeks to be like Jesus. A disciple is someone so committed to the cause of Christ that they would follow Him through the gates of hell and back. A disciple is someone who finds their entire identity, purpose and meaning in Jesus. Jesus is the center of their lives. They are all in, fully committed.

Not only is a disciple willing to die for Jesus, but they are dedicated to living every day of their life for Him.

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Totally agree with the premise of the post. Too many times do we see 2-4 week programs that go to haiti, africa, peru etc... That claim to have had hundreds come to Christ, yet the men and women that they evangelize to will never change anything in their life.

I would also argue that the "Convert" described in the post is not a saved man, simply a carnal man who thinks he is saved but is still under condemnation. It is our responsibility when we share the gospel to make it evident that Christianity is an all or nothing thing. We either are born again, regenerate people going through sanctification with a love for Christ, or we are enemies of God who despise HIm.
I can partially agree with that Klub. While in high school I recited the sinners prayer because I didn't want to go to hell after all. I was also baptized in water after because that's what your supposed do right? Problem was Inot born again. I had never repented and had no intention of doing so. I mean I was young and I had my life to live after all. (Rolling eyes) I THANK GOD I never died in that state and I was in a few instances in my rebellion that I easily could of. (I also think the Lord for praying parents!!). Anyway it wasnt until I was 24 that I repented and was truly born again and there my new life began.

i do wonder though if some who do come to Christ are just left on their own and never really grow up and mature. Kind of like leaving a new born baby to fend for themselves. We know that won't work.