Do Drug Companies Favor A World Flu Pandemic


There is no way they are giving me his swine flu vaccine . I really believe they have blown this all out of proportion . The flus that are arpound now are normal flus that we have alwys had and people fight them off with their own immunities .

These drug companies are holding us hostage ... well some not me and the no one knows the side effects from all these vaccines . They are money grabbers.

And the doctors are no better for allowing it cause they get perks for pushing the drugs.


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i would be more worried about children being denied the knowledge of Christ.that is terminal death.:eek:
My doctor has advised me against taking these vaccines.

I agree with him.

God is my vaccine; the best anyone can ask for.

Although drug companies provide a necessary service I wonder if that is their foremost motivation - or is it profit. The cynical, suspicious side of me says it is 'money.' I say this because of my research regarding hypertension high blood pressure medication: once on it you are more than likely on it for life. Besides the shock of the diagnosis there is the cost of course, which is monthly.

But wait, there's more! Fifty years ago the rule of thumb to determine the safe level of blood pressure was 100 plus your age, systolic, over 90 diastolic; anything over that called for medication. Then the figure came down to 120/80, which brought millions of people worldwide onto medication. Now the figures have tumbled again to 115/75. How many more people will now be placed on drugs?

I could also write at length about doctors giving children anti-depressive medication. What does the Word say about the love of money...?!


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the truth is we don,t belong here.when we leave,i think we will find no need for medication,hospitals,police,traffic wardens,soldiers,parliaments,dentists,surgeons.lollypop men/women.etc etc etc.this is the falling world we live at the moment,satan loves to hurt us.and then take our money from us,power is a aweful tool for an aweful ruler.:eek:
Yes that is true but never forget that greater s he that is in you then he that is in the world...God is and always will be bigger an more powerful then while yes satan is distructive and always after us to distroy us..the bigger picture is souls saved and people set free..that is by the power and grace of our God.