Do Miracles Still Occur?


Depends on what you mean. I haven't seen a sea split in two or anything like that recently. But I believe there are small miracles. I am an ex cop, so I've been in a lot of miraculous situations. Houses getting shot up and no one getting hit, a woman getting shot in the face with a rifle and living, people not bleeding to death when it seems they've bled all over the place. It may not seem like much, but when you've seen so many people get shot it seems like it must be a miracle when you see bullet holes all over a car and the kid in the back seat didn't get hit, ya know?
The bible has many miracles.

But do miracles still occur? Here and now.
You need to distinguish between 1. miracles and 2. signs and wonders.

Our heart beating is a daily miracle.

Signs and wonders are not that necessary after the cross. God needed to protect and look after the Jews. Can you think of great signs and wonders apart from the Jews interaction with God?

God is not a fan of being displayed like a clown doing magic tricks, when evidence of His greatness is all around us. In addition His stance on impartiality limits Him from showing preferential signs and wonders to His children.

God prefers we use our brains and go to doctors / use the log He sends to keep afloat instead of waiting for a cruise ship. Reason being, as His children He looks after us daily. If His children look closer at their lives they will see miracles take place daily.

I was in the UK and had exhausted all my funds without knowing. God got me a job just in time to pay my rent. = Miracle.

Matt 16:4 A wicked and adulterous generation looks for a sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah." Jesus then left them and went away.
The bible has many miracles.

But do miracles still occur? Here and now.
When my wife, a Spaniard, came to meet some of my friends, one of them asked me to translate a question "how long have you suffered from headaches?" I was shocked. I didn't know she was suffering, she never said anything and she wasn't pulling on her neck or head or any indication, and the question came within 45 sec of meeting them. So I asked. She replied that a large pot had fallen on her head at work a couple of months before. My friend prayed over her and the headaches left and never returned. Amazing.

Praise God miracles still happen.
I was sharing a house with a friend. He was out of town one weekend and I was asleep on the couch. A loud, clear, voice said "wake up Steven!" I awoke to see who was there, there was a flame behind the couch going up the wall. It was still very small. I moved the couch to attempt to put out the fire, when I did the rush of oxygen fueled the fire and the couch and the wall became engulfed in flames. I was severely burned on over 60% of my body. I was in Vanderbilt Hospital for one month and one day. I went from 165 to 90 lbs. My back became infected where the skin grafts were taken and my spine was crushing my duodenum preventing me from eating. My family was prepared for me to die.
I survived.
The house had no smoke alarm or fire extinguisher. God woke me in time to survive with no harm to my body. I chose to fight the fire to save all my "stuff."
These are two miracles I've experienced in my life.
The bible has many miracles.

But do miracles still occur? Here and now.
In short, yes miracles do happen today.. And it is clearly hand of God.. We see so many people being healed after doctors giving hope.. In our Church we have a person who had some heart problems.. Doctors had said he will live only for 2 years.. He went through treatment for nearly 1 year and finally he had to go for heart transplant.. He is a little old and doctors said it would be a very long wait.. Because they prioritize younger people above older people in the waiting list.. But the day he got admitted, there was a heart available.. He got admitted same day and at night had heart transplant.. He has been attending church for 2 weeks now.. That is definitely miracle..

I like the way KingJ put it.. Signs and wonders are different from how we define miracles.. Today miracles are for strengthening the body of Christ.. Signs and wonders were for a specific purpose.. We see sings and wonders all through Bible.. But not all through history.. There were times of silence.. Whereas deliverance, healings, etc are all through Bible and history of Church as well..