Do You Have A Home Emergency Plan In Case of A Disaster Or Accident

A man made or natural disaster can strike at anytime. Studies have shown that those who are prepared have a much better chance of survival. If you do not have water and survival supplies as well as at least basic medical supplies you should. Your lives may depend on it.
Good advice. My entire family has 72 hour kits in the case of emergency as well as an enormous supply of non-perishable food and water (replaced every so often). I hope that it will be useful if there ever is a disaster.
This is a good concept, since it is here I thought I would add to it. What might a 72 hour kit have? Well it should have food and water for 72 hours, out and about with only that kit. Which is to say, 36 hours if there are two of you? So factor right for a family.

It should also have a healthy first aid kit. I say healthy because if you need to grab this kit something extreme has happened. Ok, so now we can eat, drink and perform first aid. This would be a good point to think about breathing. You can get a pro mask relatively cheep, it can also be called a gas mask. Respirator is anther good add.

Quick points on pro mask vs. respirator.- A respirator is better than a dust mask based on, as a dust mask gets wet with sweat you can have chemicals wick though the mask. In the event of no to little chemical exposure this is the way to go. A pro mask, or protective mask, protects the whole face, eyes included, against a wider range of chemical. A truck or train accident could easily facilitate the need for this level of protection.

You also want a list of stuff to your taste like; a knife, multi powered small radio, choices for fire. And some books. I recommend a good first aid book, the Bible, maps of area and so on. Also use the technology of the day, flash lights are needed, get good durable LED types. They put up with more abuse and are easier on batteries. Solar charger for the batteries is good idea to.

This list can go on and the environment can dictate need as well. Your needs are going to be different in a city area vs. say a mountain. Also you should get this kit ready and waiting. It really only works if it is ready to go when you need to be. Running though the house when a tornado is on the way is not as good as getting to a safe place with the pack on your back.

Note on the Bible. I really think you should find a few light weight Bibles to put in the pack. Reading on your down time is a way to keep the mind calm. Also in extreme times is when people will be more receptive to the Bible for the first time, have a couple to give away.