Do You Know Him?

Do you know where your headed when you die?

Now don't close out of this just because of those questions, maybe you might get something out of it.

Do you just know him, or do you know him personally?

Do you talk to him? or do you shut him out?

Do you listen to him? or do you ignore him?

Do you love him with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul? or do you hate his name?

No matter what your answers are to that, Jesus loves you.

You can shut him out all you want, or you can invite him in your life. Whatever you chose he will always be there with open arms to invite you to be part of his family.

Please don't close out of this, please take the time to read, open your heart and try to listen to that still small voice talking to you and calling you.

Can you hear it?

Maybe you cant, maybe he's talking to you a different way, perhaps by just tugging at your heart. Maybe by making you have that feeling of needing something else to make you whole.

If so, please dont go to the most obvious things in life to make you feel whole.

thats only going to last for a few minuets and you will be left feeling more empty than when you first began.

Can you belive this?

That God sent his one and ONLY son to die on the cross for us.

Did you know that he could have easily broken his promises and wipe the whole world clean, just like he did back with the flood. But he didn't, he wanted to give us all a second chance, because he loves us all so much, BUT he hates sin and who would love sin? I know I don't, heck no one likes been lied too or been bullied or having something taken from them. Hence why he didn't like it either.

That's why he he sent his son to earth so this could all get fixed up for us. He doesn't want to be that big mean guy that sits on the chair sending thunderbolts down at us. No, he wants us to know him and to be with him.

Jesus went on that cross and suffered a HORRIBLE death, and during that time he took all our shame and sin and everything ugly. Even before we were created :nod:, he did this all for us. Because he loves us and wants us to be part of his family.

Can you imagion living eternally in hell? somewhere that is horrible and just full of hatred? where everyone in hell can see people in heaven enjoying their lives? where they are filled with guilt. They are constantly hoping and warning people here on earth to follow Christ as people in hell don't want us to go there either.

Give it a chance, talk to God, you never know you might love it.

Tell him all your troubles, all your worries and pain. He wants to know it and take it from you. After all Jesus dealt with it on the cross. So why carry them around? leave them at the foot of the cross.

Give it a chance :).

Read the bible or at least a verse a day or a week, something to start you off.

Most of all Rejoice that you are now saved :) (as long as you accept Christ as you savior and allow him to control your confused life)

Mind you, no I didn't get told to write this by anyone, nor am I brain washed. I chose to follow Christ, yes my mum is a Christian and I go to church but that doesn't make me a Christian. I could have chosen to not follow him, but I have tried that and it was just miserable. I was left in a heap and I didn't know what to do. But when I went back to my father willingly I felt much better.

Sure its not going to be an easy journey as Satan is trying to get you to come to his side and he wont give up. Where as when you were with him he didn't care anything about you as well he didn't need to do anything, you weren't a threat.

Just in case you think that Satan cares about you and what you do, the only thing he cares about is making you come to him so he's not alone in hell and so that there are less people going to heaven. He doesn't care about you at all.

Also there is only two places your gonna go to when your dead, either heaven or hell and the big thing is that your not dead you will be alive (your soul lives on) there is no in-between and no escaping this fate.

For those of you who care on where your going to end up and where others will end up, please share this with friends and family.


One extra thing, I'm not going to judge you about what your choices may be, I will never judge, its just my job while on earth to help people get to have a chance to know the word of God, as when time comes there wont be a second chance.

Now this I had written on a different site for those that dont know Christ, or know of him but not in that personal way.