do you listen to sermons by pastors?


I would love to know if you listen to sermons by other pastors in your spare time :)

How do you listen to sermon teachings by pastors ? Eg. Website, podcast.
I do whenever I find some material that helps me understand the Scriptures or that help me clarify a question I am trying to explain to myself or to others. When I follow that path, it does not really matter to me what the specific format is. Sometimes they are very short sermons or not necessarily sermons but brief presentations about a point of interest to my faith or that of others. There are a few examples of this on the English pages of (Knowing and Believing), under Believing --> Christian Faith, and, under Believing --> Knowing and Believing. I have personally listened to every single one of these audio or video presentations of various lenghts before deciding to include them to my Web site. I think they all contribute to helping me explain what Christianity is to people who might not be believers or who are unsure of certain of important teachings of the Bible.
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I don't like to mention any specific people I listen to, but I listen to a lot as the Spirit leads. I only subscribe to three pastors in iTunes, but many on YouTube.
I choose reading as over listening although I do listen. I like reading old saints of the past (I read dead people :D) or listening to someone read their teachings. I read and listen to writings and sermons of A W Tozer, Charles Spurgeon, Andrew Murray, AB Simpson, Augustine, Watchman Nee and many more. Places on the web you can down load sermons and teachings from the past and present speakers are Sermon audio, sermon index, and Librivox.............. Librivox is a public domain site containing audio books. The down loads are free and legal (as is all I have shared), It can be tricky to navigate. But should you take the time you will find a plethora of priceless gems within.

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Not really.
Just read the Bible. Sometimes someone recommends a teaching and I look up on youtube but very rarely.
I think the only preacher in which I read sermons would have been Martyn LLoyd Jones, A.W. Tozer and Smith Wigglesworth.
It seems pastors double as preachers these days but I think pastors are meant to have a more hands on role than just talking all the time on Sunday.

Both Andrews, Wommack and Murray, are good.
Those who have written books, like Nicky Cruz, Corrie Ten Boom, Jackie Pullinger also I read as they have a particular testimony and I like testimonies more than I like sermons. Derek Prince is also good. He has audios and books.

I have had christians recommend Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyers but I can't stand too much of the WoF stuff. Some can be edifying, but it is so common these days. They will be on christian tv and radio and books everywhere you can't avoid them.
Also Watchman Nee and the guy who wrote Heavenly Man. what's his name. Brother Yun. He had a book of sermons too. Watchman Nee has basic bible teaching, the normal christian life which is a classic.
Brother Yun is an evangelist so much of his preaching is exhortation to go out and spread the gospel. evangelists have a different role to pastors I like hearing the gospel being preached, anyone who can preach the basic gospel is ok by me. I don't mind hearing it over and over.

But again you need to check everything by being a Berean and searching the scriptures daily to see if these things are so.

I would love to know if you listen to sermons by other pastors in your spare time :)

How do you listen to sermon teachings by pastors ? Eg. Website, podcast.
I do.. Not too many.. In single digits.. I wouldn't call them all as pastors.. Because they have different calls.. Bust most of them are pastors.. Also it is not a regular thing.. Mostly on ad-hoc basis.. Often it is prompting of Holy Spirit that guides me to some preacher.. And that would be the exact Word I would have needed that day!!
I have been listening to the late Dr J Vernon McGee and his daily show Thru the Bible for over a year now and have been Blessed (and reading my Bible daily too!) I also like old-time sermons, Oliver Greene and the like.
I like listening to sermons and read the bible too, but I really enjoy hearing about other peoples testimonies as well!
I recently discovered John Piper's Web site.

The site is replete with free online books, sermons and articles. It has a search box that allow you to browse through whatever is available.

The sermons are from the perspective of wanting to lead Christians or non Christians to knowing the joy of truly living for God. I am currently reading a free online book titled Desiring God from the same site, and listening to several sermons.

Links to that book and to sermons I enjoyed can be found at the bottom of the following pages of my web site:
May God bless you...
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I listen to my own pastors online, especially if I miss church. As for televised pastors or teachers, I enjoy Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince, Andrew Wommack, Robert Morris, Charles Capps, Franklin Jentezen, and sometimes I catch Steven Furtick the odd time. I also like to catch the amazingly knowledgeable Billye Brim when she is teaching on the Copeland's Believers' Voice of Victory. I do not follow them, but I do enjoy them. They are like a bit of dessert!

Mostly I enjoy my own pastors, who are greatly gifted and of course, are charged by God to teach with the flavour that we have, according to God's way of knowing what each flock needs.

I would love to know if you listen to sermons by other pastors in your spare time :)

How do you listen to sermon teachings by pastors ? Eg. Website, podcast.

We get a lot of dvd's and cd's from several ministries and down load a ton of mp3's and pod cast. Reading the written word is far most important but allowing the Lord to lead one to other teachings or others teaching on what He is showing you is the only way to grow for me.
The Lord leads.......we follow..... it's really quite simple.
Lately, my wife and I have been enjoying Fred Price Jr. on TV. I'm not a big fan of his father, though. They are of the Ever Increasing Faith Ministries.
I rarely listen to preachers, but I do like Charles Capps, and Kenneth Hagin. They both have gone to be with the Lord, but they still speaking through their teachings.
Yes, everyday at work. I subscribe to a YouTube channel called Video Sancto which uploads multiple sermons a day. I'm listening to one right now as I type called "Family Peace is based on Virtue and Obedience."
I pick and choose... no one is on my regular list. I like Perry Stone, Derek Prince, Joseph Prince, Bill Johnson, Jim Richards and Ian Clayton (all in small doses). I have to digest what's being said and do my own homework. I might listen to one of them once a month, if that much. All want money for their sermons, so if I can find one online I might listen to them. I'm a firm believe they got it for free, why not the rest of us. Granted, they are due their wages, but if I bought every sermon from each of the ones I mentioned above, I'd be out no less than $500/month! I guess some just have to have that $65M jet :p