Does God love you?

I did this study for my kids and as I put this study together, it really touched my heart. I pray that it does the same to you. The study is in a simple question and answer format with some additional notes. I did not quote the verses directly but posted the verse references where you can go in your bible for the answers. It is designed to be a personal study just for you. Therefore, I suggest that you do not speed through this study but meditate and pray over each answer as God reveals it to you and I believe you will be blessed! Let me know if you have been encouraged by this!

Why did God create us? ( Rev 4:11 KJV)

The King James says for His pleasure, we were created. Another word for pleasure is Joy. Isn't wonderful to know that he created you to bring Him joy?

Why else did God create us? (Isa 43:7 KJV)

We parents often look at our kids as an extension of ourselves. I remember when my son gave his first piano recital.He played so well and when he stood up to bow, I was very proud of him. But I am even more proud when he shows and demonstrates proper manners and extends courtesy to others. Now, if it is that way with men, how much more with God in whose image we were created?

Every day in creation week God labeled it as good, but on the day God created man he called it _______ ______ (Gen 1:31)

In what way did God demonstrate His love to our first parents? (Gen 2;8-15)

What else did he give to them? (Gen vs 19 -20)

What institution did God give to them that they may experience and reciprocate love? (Gen 2:24)

What happen to our relationship with god? (Gen 3:9-11, Isa 59: 1-2)

Note: our sins have separated us from the relationship we once enjoyed in Eden

How does this make God feel? (John 11:33-35)

Note, Jesus was about to raise Lazerous to life but he was not weeping for his death but the lost souls around Him, that refused to believe that would remain separated from Him forever.

How much does the Feather love the Son (Jesus) (John 3:35)?

Nevertheless, how does God fix the problem of separation?
(John 3:14-16, Rom 5:10, 2 cor 5:19)

note; The amount of love God has for the son is endless, now imagine how much MORE he loves you and in giving his ONLY BEGOTTEN son for your sins? Not only did he give Him to die, but Jesus sacrificed his nature as God and took on the nature of man for ever! He will ever be identified with the human race. He was truly given over to us to save us.

What will be His reward in dying for your sin? (Heb 12:2)

the simple truth, His reward is you! You were created because you were needed, needed where it counts most, in His heart. Jesus died for your sins and promises to save us not in our sins, but FROM our sins. Will you accept or recommit your life to Christ today and live for Him 100%. May God bless you!

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