Does God warn us of bad things to avoid?

Does God warn us of bad things to avoid?

I don't like posting something as crazy as this as my new post, I'm just confused and still learning as a new Christian.

So here goes.... First off, I have been dealing with anxiety for pretty much most of my life (I'm 34) sometimes I have it so bad I feel paralyzed, although I have had many strong days. My 13 year old has also had a lot of anxiety so bad that we have him on medication, he is although getting better, praise God! :bow:

My Son and I had plans on going out today to his Chess lesson's, it's a thirty minute drive from our place, we both look forward to Monday's so we can go. Last night I starting having thoughts of something bad happening to me, a car accident kept popping up in my head, I prayed about it over and over because it kept popping up, I did not mention this to DH or DS. This morning I had all intentions of taking DS to chess, except I was still feeling a little bit tired from being sick in the previous week, thinking that maybe we should stay home to catch up on some chores, even felt a little guilty going when there is soo much to do here. I even told DH on the phone that we had planned on going, along with our talk about things we needed to do for our church and for God, things we need to work on spirtually. The conversation made me feel good. :)

About thirty to forty minutes after talking to DH I started thinking/imagining DS and I being in a car accident on our way or to home from chess. I tried to get it out of my head, this did scare me. I took a little break with DS ( I homeschool him) we started looking at one of his Jeff Foxworthy joke book's, I started reading a few to myself, and at every page was a joke about something to do with a car wreck, or an accident, I read like three pages. You guys must think I'm a loon, thinking how can she possible connect God talking through a Jeff Foxworthy book!? I know I feel like that, thinking I must be a loon!, but also thinking God can speak to us,in many ways and as He pleases, right? I just thought this was so odd thinking about a possibility of being in a car accident, picking up a joke book that was sitting right beside me, trying to cheer myself up, then just minutes later reading about something with those words in it.

Then I started praying and rebuking the devil. I asked God if this was him talking and that I was confused, I asked him if he could give me a sign. I looked out my window and it looked a little gray, thinking it may or may not rain (weather is weird here). I thought maybe if it starts raining before we are to leave that is my sign? A little while later DS was being silly and copying some of the ways some characters on tv talk, then he said in some cartoon characters voice "I don't wanna be a vegetable", he was trying to be funny not serious, and laughed. That right there told me "no" we can not go! I did not tell DS what I was thinking but I did ask him why and where he came up with that? He said he heard it off of some cartoon, I said to him " But where did 'that' come from?" like why did that pop in his head? He said "I dunno."

I don't know if I were just looking for an answer to my fear, so I would feel safe staying at home, which I have never had this happen to me before at least this intense. I have had fears of driving somewhere then braving it and having faith, and nothing bad happens.This was different, mostly the things that were popping up. I do worry about DH's commute from work, there are wrecks all the time on his way home just about every week!

I am thinking that God does not want me to be afraid, but would this be Him warning me to stay home, and I am the cause for being afraid? Or the devil?, I mean it wasn't long after I got off the phone with Dh about our conversation about church, God etc that these bad thoughts started coming back. So I'm thinking, was that the devil saying hey I got you now!, your gonna be in my control! I also know that anxiety, depression etc is the nothing but the devil's hold on us. I sorta feel like I gave into the devil, and that I should have had faith in knowing I'd arrive safely to my destination and back, I also feel guilty for this. I am still working on my faith, it can be hard!

Any advice? Thank you SO much for reading!
God Bless!

Don't feel like you're a loon. I have had these experiences to different degrees too.
Maybe God was telling you or maybe satan was using your fears against you.
Look at it this way, next time this happens~ Trust in God that he will keep His protection over you and he will intercede in any path of harm.

God has not given us the spirit of fear! But of peace and a sound mind. The devil wants you to be scared and his stripes we were healed! You are healed in Jesus name claim it and stand on his word and he will do it just for you!
Thank you!

Thank you, for all of your kind words and advice. Really helped me think and made me feel better. :)

I'm sorry for just getting back to responding, it's been a busy evening and I have been listeing to a Christian talk radio show that I listen to freqently and the topic was about our thought's and things related, it was as if the host was talking to me! I also did some reading into what had happened today, learned a good bit.

The fear I had earlier today wasn't really about my fear of dying, so much as the fear of leaving my Son without a mother, or he and my family seeing me hurt, or my child being hurt or his life ending. So I was mainly fearful for my Son, since he would be with me. If I were a single person with no children, I wouldn't have that fear at all, at least I don't think I would, if that makes sense? :) I'm sure a lot of other parents feel that way too I guess. That is my biggest fear, leaving my Son without me. I'm just gonna pray, pray, pray and try my hardest to grow in faith. :)

Again thanks to you all, I love this forum! I hope to eventually recieve enough knowledge to be helpful to you guys in return.

God Bless!


TJ it is a major blessing for us just to have you here- I appreciate your heart :D !
I also wanted to share this- I love my family with all my heart- each day I take them and give them to the One I love and trust the most- He is the greatest caretaker and you will never loose anyhting you trust into His hands- it takes the worry out of it knowing and acknowledging His Lordship, His love and His caring not only in my life but in the life of my entire family-this is how we enter the rest of God - we decide to trust Him and let go of the stress and worries- many blessings and God's peace on your home- brother Larry
Definitely The Holy Spirit protecting you and your son. When these occur in my life, they always seem strange and I always feel very loved that the Lord would speak so clearly. You are of "Sound mind".
Definitely The Holy Spirit protecting you and your son. When these occur in my life, they always seem strange and I always feel very loved that the Lord would speak so clearly. You are of "Sound mind".
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Here's one advise: trust in God to intervene.

Psalm 121:1I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. 2 My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. 3 He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber. 4 Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. 5 The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand. 6 The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night. 7 The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. 8 The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.

I had been receiving prophetic dreams starting when I was a tot. I did not know they were prophetic dreams until I had moved to another place for the fifth grade when that night, I had a prophetic dream that happened exactly as the dream went the very next day, signalling me that the stage is set, the characters are in place, and the die is cast.

I kept on having prophetic dreams before it started coming true in high school. Then the dreams before I had moved here started coming true when I was working someplace for about ten years, when in 1994, then meeting the girl I would love, but she did not in return. The oddity of all the elements or guideposts of the dreams fell into place.

What a living nightmare. The series of prophetic dreams had a nightmare where she was murdered. When things were falling into place more and more, my skepticism of it all being a coincidence was fading away to a panic. Trying to figure out the symbolism of the dreams to identify the killer and when and where was running through my mind.

Needless to say, I turned to the Lord for help. Her murder or death could still happen, but it has been many years now and so I still am hoping that my interpretation of the symbolism in the nightmare is just wrong, but even if it is not, there are some things beyond my control that just requires me to trust the Lord. Hence Psalm 121st chapter.
I can not tell you how many times the Lords has warned me of upcoming danger. Some of them was to stop me from going somewhere, and sometimes it was not to stop danger but to prepare me for them. The first place the Devil comes to hinder you is in this area is your fellowship with God. God will not allow us to be tempted beyond our abilities, as he makes a way of escape from them, but if your fellowship is broken you will not find that escape route. Always trust your heart as that is where God speaks to you.
Wow, this was back in 2007..I was a sophomore lol..

But, I struggle with fear..and while God gives us warnings..its up to us to discern them.

Like me for example, God almost 90% of the time uses dreams for me.. he warns me through dreams...and other times I dream of nonsense:

I'll give you an example. Today..and yesterday:
I had rapture dreams( I was thinking on this, the last thing I was trying to do was look for work) in them..the first one..he was coming extremely soon..and I was a mess lol( spiritually)
and I think I was trying to talk to some of my church members...and I saw this guy above (heavens) cloaked in red and it was like He gathered all the they just started to smoke vapor.
It was eerie ,in the dream I checked the date when he was Tuesday( before you guys start I don't claim to know the day or hour..I feel God was just giving me a random day in the dream to emphasis the severity and closeness of his return)
and in that dream it felt like yesterday.

I woke up( today) frazzled wondering what I needed to do..since it was 8am and I'm lazy xD I went back to sleep.
I dreamt of another rapture dream..this time..I was asking my church members what to do..and recounting my previous dream..and one told me obedience is key. ( God basically answered my question/ request in a different dream..which is amazing) then..they all disappeared and appeared on a boat that was sailing away. I tried to get on..but I was caught lol, the person that was taking count of passengers pulled a sword out of bag(the sword is the spirit or truth not sure) and nudged me off the boat.
Now, (after rapture) I had a task..on my tablet there was this game, I had to go to different worlds and do something..afterwards I'd have to go to this salon where a king sat and against the wall he had guillotines..after I completed the game..that was my last stop.
( my brother and I talked about this, since god called me to help(missionary stuff) maybe those were places I need to go and help or minister to people.. but its just a hunch..and I'm not getting left behind to find out....I reaaly need to get my stuff together.)

Now my other one...I had this weird dream that my brother passed away..and I talked to him one last time..of course I woke in tears..but the TV was on ID ..still I thought nothing of it..esp when my bro continued to be okay days later.

So discernment is key.