Don't You Know God Loves You?



Don't You Know God Loves You?

Friend, don't you know God loves you?
Would you stop and look?

Would you meet me here
where spirits rest?

We don't have to name it yet, but
where we give eachother our best

of attention in love
with zeal only in truth.

Real and selfless,
seeking and hopeful,
humble and childlike-
dance with me in spirit-
giving and taking as love would suggest.

If we surrendered to God
I believe He'd do the rest.
He will do the rest indeed my brother. I am joining you:)

Its amazing even the surrending part we cannot do without His infinite grace and power. We are nothing without Him. For the Holy Ghost does not convince you to surrender and don'tgive you grace to do it. So yes my brother I am surrending to Him all things.