Dreams I Have Most Often

I have two dreams the most,
1. i'm at the beach, I only go to the beach every few years, and the waves are normal and then these huge waves sweep up and sometimes i'm swimming and sometimes i'm looking to escape, I don't like these dreams.

2. I can fly, I can't fly anything, been up in a plane about five times. I'm walking along and I put my arms out and I bend my knees and I take off and I fly higher and higher and then I encounter power lines, always the darn power lines, when I encounter the power lines I start falling and eventually land but no matter how I try I can't get back up there. But, man, I love those flying dreams, I just fly and fly and fly, when I get to heaven I want to fly.
Some dreams are just our minds replaying the day...others can be msgs from God.

1) pray before you sleep , that psalm 4:8 ( he makes you lie down in peace)

2) discernment from normal dreams and his msgs.