Dumb Criminals

In Winsconsin, a town got hit with broken windows overnight. Of course naturally people start to think that some teenagers were on a crime spree. in a few monthes a cop was near a barber shop. thats when he sees an escape goat butting his head on the windows from seeing his reflection.
How about this? A prisoner was spending some time collecting toilet paper for himself. but not with the purpose you maybe thinking about. he made a dummy machine gun and it looked like the "real thing". in a day, he fakes sick to go to the hospital. when he arrived at the clinic he pulled out his machine gun as he walked out of the van. in an instant, the weather started rain. in reaction, his replica machine gun dissolved.



These are clean stories about dumb criminals.

What other kind is there? Have you heard about the guy who broke into a home, and right after he got home he answered a knock on his door and was surprised to find the police standing there? They had followed his footprints in the snow.

Or the guy who went into a bank and filled out a deposit slip and pretended he was depositing money, but instead he robbed the bank. However, he left the deposit slip with his name and other info on it.

Then there's the guy who handed the clerk in a store a $20 bill and asked for change. When the clerk opened the register, the crook grabbed the money in the till and ran out. He got $15, and the store got his $20.