easter next week


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easter next week

tell your athiest collegues they should work friday and monday single time.because it,s not there holidays.:D
Golly...I don't get Easter off.:confused:

Oh wait. It's on a Sunday this year. Yes, I do.:D

(Yes, I know it's on a Sunday every year, silly...hee hee):p
BCheezy - make something fun happen! Golly, you're in Seattle, right? I used to live in Rainier Beach. There's tons of free stuff to do...

...one time, I went to the lake and just sat there all day long feeding the ducks bread that I got at the day-old bakery (the bread they sold was day-old, the store wasn't one day old, heh...) It's funny how some of the ducks will beg you for more.:)

I went down to Occidental(?) Park one time and just sat. I was scared, yeah...but I did it. I heard unmentionable offers, terrible quarrels, and encountered some wicked people. But it made me glad have Jesus in my life when I left. It was interesting when I think back on it. Just be careful. Don't take any money with you.:(

Color eggs. Find a park and go swinging, it's fun! I do it at my age - it's strange how you forget how it feels until you do it again...and then it all comes back and you're like: Oh yeah! Go to the aquarium. The underground. Space needle. There's a place called "Thunderbird". Look it up in your phone book. Ask to speak to the Native American spiritual advisor. Ask him if you can go on one of their trips to the sweatlodge, it's a unique experience.

Golly - now I wish I was back in Seattle.:(