Easter Sunrise Services

This week, I have been and will be remembering many Easter celebrations starting from before my acceptance of Christ in a personal manner and other services continuing up until now.

When I was young & growing up in Riverside, California; I enjoyed climbing Mt Rubidoux, which is a prominent granite hill, but not too tall to bike-ride to it and climb to have lunch at the top.. On the top of that hill is a concrete cross which replaced earlier wooden crosses. Since 1907 there has been an Easter Sunrise service on that hill surrounding that cross.

I still remember climbing the hill at dusk the night before, drinking hot-chocolate and eating sandwiches through the night, and a glorious celebration as the sunlight hits the cross.

I still find an outdoor sunrise service wherever I may be (I am now on the other side of the country), even if my current church does not offer one, but I then go to my church to celebrate Resurrection Sunday with them.

Picture by Dennis Bickers

I just like how whenever its easter...God makes the day special and gives us glorious weather. No other day is like it.
I've actually never been to a sunrise service. But I do know the day is special.
Most churches round here hand out easter eggs. I suppose to keep up with the retailers.
I used to have to work on Easter Sunday, when I worked Sundays. Nobody came to the library and we would go..why we even working? LOL. So we got paid to not really do anything, and then I'd eat my hot cross bun, and remember that Jesus gave his life for me so I could live, and he is risen.