Effects of Apartment Family Living

Effects of Apartment Family Living

Hi friends! I was really hoping to hear your opinions...
I can't be sure about all areas, but houses are only getting more expensive here... I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on rearing children in an apartment as opposed to a house. Does it affect the kinds of friends that kids will make...? Does anyone have any advice on things to consider? I found a page from a place in Arizona offering a small guide on apartment living with children that mentioned an interesting point about playgrounds being a good indicator of kid-friendly areas. I'd be keen to hear if anyone else has any helpful ideas though.
Thanks very much in advance!

Hello and welcome to the boards! I don't have any opinions to offer (I'm really ignorant in this field) but I thought you might appreciate a warm welcome to CFS. :)
Hello Familyoriented and welcome. I really don't have any statictics to offer you and I don't want to sound clishe, but I think it really doesn't matter much where you raise your children as long as they have are raised with love, compassion, understanding and most of all with the Lord. I also think that if you are making the decision to live in an apartment for the right reasons, like it being financially wise, that can only be beneficial to your children as you are teaching them it is the right thing to live within their means. So, if I were you, I would just pray about it and go with what I have peace about doing. The Word says to let peace be your umpire, meaning if you have a knot in your stomach about a decision you're about to make, you probably shouldn't make it but if you feel peace about it no matter how strange it might seem to other people, go with that. God will guide you and whatever decision you make, if it is the one you have peace about it will work out!



Hi familyoriented- from personal expiereince and years of observation a loving home is a loving home but in an apartment you have to be a liitle mor careful because of the proximity of so many people and the amount of visitors etc, etc- but there is one more factor to consider- I have seen countless problems occur when people try to raise families in high crime and or high drug usage areas- a good emviourment is more important than the specific type of house or apartment-