Elisha and the Bowl of Salt

During my walk with God, which is reading His Word and keeping in prayer with Him in mind, spirit and body, I just finished reading about Elijah. After God took him up in a storm, Elisha began his ministry. At the very end of Elijah where Elisha began, this prophet of God that was left behind worked a miracle in God’s name to revive an unproductive land. 2 Kings 2:19-22

Immediately, a thought came to mind about a video I watched on YouTube yesterday about a place in Japan called Aokigahara, which means “Sea of Trees” but better known as “Suicide Forrest”. This has become a tourist place where foreigners go to push their YouTube channel for subscribers/views for money.… It’s a sad truth.

As I thought this, I felt something stir in me to pray the same as Elisha once did for this land of death for life. Now I come to the forums with the same message to share with the rest of His bride. Please pray for such lands of death in exchange for life. Pray for the Salt of the earth.
It isn’t just about certain lands on earth, but also the hearts of many residing on earth. Pray for the City of Bones.