Email Subscription


Email Subscription

What is the very easiest way to set up an email subscription service from a site please? (not much of a tech :eek:)

Can Outlook Express be used for that, without reveiling other email addresses to those receiving the subscription please?

Thanks a bunch :D
We used to use PHP and Outlook Express for the Christian House Sitters website but it soon became a pain.
We changed to Stream Send
and it has been really great.
Versitile, adaptable and eacy to use.
Price is also very good. First month was free then it went up to $6 per month.


Thanks guys :)

I will have a look at these, but my pocket is too deep for me to find much in there :eek:

May I ask please ray?
Why did outlook Express became a pain?

Thanks :D
Because we were sending loads of messages we had problems with AOL and Yahoo who both thought it might be spam and started blocking us. I eventually got it sorted out and got us 'white listed' but then 1 aol member accidently clicked his spam button and bang we were blacklisted again. He sent me an apology which I forwarded to aol and they sorted it out but it took a couple of weeks. I then decided to go for a professional service that is white listed. It also gives me a detailed breakdown of who opened my messages, how often, and if they forwarded it to anyone else or if the clicked any of the links in the message. all for under $6 per month for up to 500 messages.


Thanks Ray, I appreciate your sharing.
Looks like that pain was real :(
I though it may have been an easy route since it was free, but now.....

Thanks a lot.
I just found
I have never used them but they say

Welcome to Christian eMail Service
The Christian eMail Service is a FREE service that allows you to create and maintain email mailing lists on our servers. Keep in touch with your group members and avoid SPAM! Communicate quickly and easily with your customers, associates, classmates, students, church membership, Bible study group, youth group, mission, family members, or any Christian group or association. The Christian eMail Service makes it easy to get in touch and stay in touch …and best of all - It’s FREE!