Embrace The Moon



Embrace The Moon

In class we're reading a book called "A Long Way Gone"

We had to take about 20 words, or just an idea off of a page and make a poem. I took the idea that the moon provides peace and brings people together at night, in this war-torn village. The poem doesn't have too much to do with the book, it's just what I was inspired to write about the whole moon thing mentioned in the book.

I have to read it in front of the class tomorrow. I'm going to be all red. Yay. :eek:

Embrace The Moon

Who doesn't want to be perfect?

Perfect is God.
God is light.
Light is truth.
Truth is love.
Love is wisdom.

What will be our light in the dark times we're in?
God gives us many moons in our lives.

In such obvious contrast, how can we not see the light?
The opportunities.

The dark has taken our hope.
We, blinded in the darkness, take eachother's hope away.

This isn't love.
True light and true love seam as if only a fairy tail.

Why are all those living in the dark afraid to seek the light?
Why do they settle with what they have?

Dark is not something itself, it is the lack of something.

Why are they afraid of truth?
Why are they afraid of love?
Why are they afraid of wisdom?
Why are they afraid of God?

When will they want light enough to seek it?
Will they have to hit rock bottom?

When will they embrace their moons?



Thank you!

My teacher read it for me in my english class. People were SHOCKED that I wrote it, and some said "Yea, right...He got it off the internet or something"

Someone asked "How did you do it!?", and I now wish I said "God wrote it. He just used me.", but I said "I just wrote what I felt."

Which is true enough, but not as much glorifying to God, BUT, the poem was about God anyways, so I believe that was fine, and kept from being over-preach. Not that you can give too much glory to God, BUT You should also practice not scaring people away.

Thank you Lord for giving me the insight, wisdom, and faith, to right things like this. The Knowledge I've gained in the past few weeks just blows my mind! Thank you! And thank you guys you are among my many blessings!

I am a new person and I'd like to say I'm incredibly impressed with myself, but I know better, and am instead Incredibly impressed with God, and happy happy happy, and thankful thankful thankful!
I love to write as well and it is God in me.

I can sit down and type a poem up in about 5-10 minutes and it just flows from my heart.

Keep up the sharing and glorifying him!