Equus: the most beautiful creature on earth

Equus: the most beautiful creature on earth

I think all animals are beautiful, but the equus, the horse, holds a special place in my heart. This poem is a dedication the amazing creature so majestic yet loving, and so gentle yet powerful at the same time.

Equus -

A mane that flies in the wind like a raging flame,
A tail that streams into the wind like a rushing river,
Hooves that crash upon the earth like great thunder bolts,
Eyes full of fiery freedom and haunting beauty,
This is the dear equus, the creature of freedom, beauty, and power.

No chain can hold it's spirit back,
No bridle can contain the thunder in it,
No pasture fence can stop it's freedom.

The equus is not friends of everyone.
It only chooses those who respect its beauty, its freedom, and its power,
Even with a saddle, a bridle, and a bit.

To be touched by the horse,
Is to be touched by a special magic.
It is not easily put into words,
But once touched
It is the greatest thing on Earth.