Eternally Nigh –mjs

What is the most effective method of knowing and understanding anything? It is by contrasting everything to everything. God’s holiness is most seen when compared to evil, thus when evil and God’s holiness are side by side they are more clearly understood—because of their differences. The sole purpose of evil is to manifest God’s holiness, therefore the more that is learned of one, the more is learned of the other.

With the blessing of an ever deepening learning of holiness, comes also the ever deeper learning of the decadence of the sinful nature but be not discouraged, for the deeper learning of this nature results, by the Spirit’s teaching, in a deeper manifestation of our being “partakers of the (Christ’s – Col 3:10) divine nature” (2 Pet 1:4), which also increasingly manifests our separation (concerning guilt and dominance - Rom 6:12, 14) from the "old man" (sinful nature).

“But ye are not in the flesh (sinful nature), but in the Spirit” (Rom 8:9).

“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus” (Rom 8:1).

- NC