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In Today's Christian Woman, contemporary Christian singer Susan Ashton tells how God arranged for her to sing about Christ in a setting she never would have dreamed of:

Garth Brooks's brother Kelly dates a woman who likes my music. One day, after she played my recordings for Kelly, he called Garth and told him he should take me on the road. So he did!

When I got to know Garth better, he admitted he hadn't heard me sing until I stepped on stage in Spain. That night, he was floored--he said he loved my voice and found my song lyrics moving.

But I was scared! I was afraid I might be booed off the stage while the audience screamed, "Garth! Garth!" But incredibly, I received a standing ovation. I was overwhelmed with how open the audience was to me talking about what it means to be a Christian.
While very few of us will bear witness for Christ on a country music stage, God will put each of us in situations we never would have imagined to shine forth his glory and gospel. Your stage may be the cafeteria at work, or a PTA meeting at school, or a conversation with a solitary stranger on a bus. The God who arranged the situation will also empower you to speak. When it happens, be bold!!

Boldness, Fear, Witness
Matt. 10; Acts 1:8;8:26-40; 23:11; 1 Cor. 16:9; Phil. 1:20; 1 Peter 3:15-16

The God who arranged the situation will also empower you to speak. When it happens, be bold!!
Hear! Hear! yes be ready in season and be ready to share your faith and joy in the Lord.
On the train. At a bus stop. At school. At work. Whenever you are with people, pray what can I say to this person, Lord.
One Saturday morning I had to drive from my rural township down to the big smoke, Adelaide. There was standing on the side of the road on
the way out of my town a Chinese lady with her thumb out to hitch a ride to Adelaide.
Where I live is the premier wine-making and wine tourism valley in Australia. So naturally she [May] asked me what was my favourite
wine to drink. To which I replied I don't drink wine, in fact I don't drink any alcohol. May was very surprised at this and asked me why?
There was my opening... I asked her if she had heard of being born again by Jesus Christ. No, she was a Buddhist of sorts.
So I simply shared my testimony with her as to how I came to the Lord in 1996 and was baptized by full immersion and received the
Holy Spirit with the Bible evidence of speaking in tongues. And how the Lord instantly healed me from cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol,
and hard drugs. I explained that I knew Jesus as my God and my Lord, and that I prayed daily and was continually blessed through
many healings and miracles.
May said I want to come to your church. She was from Beijing, China, and had a reasonable grasp of English.
Anyway to cut a long story short, May ended up in our baptism bath and received the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues.
Today she is back in Beijing, and hopefully involved with saints in China. There is enormous Holy Spirit revival going on in China.
To the extent that the government is questioning saints and attempting to force them into State sanctioned churches.


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FANTASTIC!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I pray that she is okay and is spreading the word with a boldness herself. Thank you so much for sharing.