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In Leadership, Graham R. Hodges writes:

When I was a boy milking several cows each morning and night, I dreaded the cocklebur season. In late summer, this prolific weed turned brown, and its seed pods, each armed with dozens of sharp spines, caught in the cows' tails until the animals' fly switchers were transformed into mean whips. One hard switch of such a tail in the milker's face made him lose considerable religion.

So I learned to hate the cocklebur.
Later, comfortably removed from the dairy industry, I learned a remarkable fact about the cocklebur: its sticky seed pod contains several seeds, not just one. And these seeds germinate in different years. Thus, if seed A fails to sprout next year because of a drought, seed B will be there waiting for the year after next, and seed C the year after that, waiting until the right conditions for germination arrive.

Hodges the genius of the cocklebur pod is much like that of the spiritual seeds we plant in the lives of others. People don't always respond to God's Word immediately. But the seed is planted, and when the time is ripe, it will bring a harvest.

Patience, Reaping, Seeds, Sowing
Isa. 55:10-11; John 4:35-38; Gal. 6:9-10
That's the best thing to remember about talking to others about God's Word... we are just seed planters. God is the one that causes the increase, because His Word never returns unto Him void. Its always alive and when a person is ready to hearr it, they will accept it and it will grow.