even the underserved have miracles

Hi everyone. Please be patient, I am completely new at forums. My first attempt at a forum was two days ago...an atheist forum call "whywontGodhealamputees". All I wanted was to share some testimony stories of the undeserved miracles that have happened in my life over the last four years that saved my life and my bacon. I was an atheist until, 'like people in a crashing plane' I had no one else to ask for help so I gave God a go and He came through for me. I can even prove the miracles. The forum was not a happy place, the administrator was upset when I pointed out the healing of the amputated Roman soldiers ear and it got worse from there until I was banned from the site. I am not really sure what happened as I could not type fast enough to keep up with what was happening. So here I am, maybe there are people here that would like to hear a few testimonies that even my cynical lawyers started to refer to "my unfair advantage". Of course God is fair, what the lawyers were referring to was that whatever was thrown at me something supernatural seemed to assist me and they could not explain it. Oh what I have not explained is that I am a novice inunderstanding the Bible as well. I knew the Roman soldier story from school. So my experience of God is only from the practical. Speak soon, Graham