Everybody sit down - it's just me

Everybody sit down - it's just me

I live in Atlanta and love Jesus, my wife, photography, Corvettes, and assorted other ramblings.

I love the NHL.

I attend a Restoration Movement church and really love it.

Hope you all have a great day. :)
Greetings, photog and thanks for deciding to join the CFS (Christian Forum Site) family!

Dusty kind of "beat me to it" since I do like to remind members (especially new ones) about forum rules and where to go if they are new to whole message board thing.

I'll give a little summary of CFS for you.

CFS is a great place; this is really the only Christian forum I have stayed for a prolonged period of time (how can anyone not tell? Just look at my post count!) What I love most about CFS is that the members are . . .

1) The most friendly people I have met. They are not argumentative and they are not out to push their beliefs on you
2) The members usually abide to the rules ninety percent of the time. Except on the rare occasion when a troublemaker comes to the forums, the place is usually calm and very easy-going
3) The members are not about putting you down or making you feel like a loser if you don't conform to their beliefs. If you don't agree fully, then the conversation usually ends and so on and so forth. I have never once met a member here who has criticized or judged me just because they think my beliefs are not the "right" ones.

The board staff get my 1st place award for the best staff. I have run into to many times, staff members who are manipulative and use their position and power to intimidate those they do not like and those they feel are inferior to them. None of the staff here have a "bully" mentality. They are all very understanding and ask GOD for assistance, not using their own judgment all the time when doing things.

A couple of things are: If you are looking for debates CFS is most likely not the place for you. Some people have complained about the lack of debates, but I like this place calm and quiet...refreshing. :D

Jeff has certainly done a wonderful job making CFS the place it is. Give him a round of applause everyone and thank God for blessing this place!

Okay, I'll stop my rambling. :rolleyes::israel::D

Love and God Bless From Your Sister In Christ,


(please call me NTG for short if you may) ;)


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