Hi Loon Watchman
You know my brother these promises to us in God's word are as a blood covenant between God and a born again Spirit filled believer. They are backed by all the honor of His name and they will always prove true.

So why is it that so many believers do Not see more of them in their daily lives? Why is it that far to many insist they are not for us today?

The Answer is quite clear and simple and yet very profound!!

What Has Been Puchased And Provided By Grace - Has Got To Be Possessed By Faith.

You are going to have to Fight!
That is fight the good fight of faith.
Just like everything else in God's word there are Requirements we must meet in order to unlock or receive or possess the promises of God.

They just do not happen because one got born again . No !! We have an adversary the devil and he will do what ever he can to keep One separated from the things of God.

Wonderful thread my brother and I saw an opening so I took it !!