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Did you see it at a theatre? Or did you rent it?

It is supposed to be out on DVD but none of the stores in town are carrying it yet.
The theatres refused to show it here so I had to wait for the video.

Michael, you probably know him best as the guy who did the Visene commercials. "WoW"
Or the boring teacher from the movie "Ferris Buelers Day Off" [spelling?]

But he is in fact an extremely intelligent writer and political commentator. He wrote speaches for Ronald Reagan and other famous people.


I rented Mr Steins movie at Blockbuster. It is almost to good how he demonstrates the wisdom of God and the foolishness of man.:D
Awesome movie and very well made.

My hubby and I saw it on a date night and hope to get the DVD off his website to share with others...

:groupray: more christians NEED to see this movie!!!
Yes, I, too, recently rented this movie and was floored at how God's wisdom rises so far above the arrogance shown in the world.

You can see this movie on your computer if you have Netflix and a fast connection.