Hi everyone! I am wondering whether dream interpretation is biblical and if so how do you understand and interpret them?
"You old men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions!"- prophecy from Joel about today. Clearly, God still sends dreams and visions to people today. Acts 2:17.

If it is from God , then the Spirit will reveal what it means to you or He will give the interptation to another in Christ. A dream or vision from God will not frighten you or haunt you or "destroy" you because that is not God's nature! James 3:17. And keep in mind that those "dream interpetation" books they sell at the store are the world's attempt at understanding - and are not valid at all.

But I caution you on one thing! Be careful - as this is one of satan's favorite areas trip up the saints! Examine everything, keeping what is good and throwing out what is bad! Much of Jude deals with this, but espeically Jude 1:8. Many have gone astray on the basis of dreams.

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Thanks for that. I guess i shouln't take too much notice and i haven't until recently. I just started to feel a bit curious i suppose. Since i've come to know the Lord Jesus things like this havn't interested me but again began to wonder if there was anything in it. Thanks, good advice i shall be wary of attempting to delve and will leave alone.
Sal, a little curiosity is ok! It might keep you from making mistakes! For example.....think about cocaine. One can religiously avoid even saying that word but one may be still be curious. Someone may see that it is "cool" and take that first hit just to see what all the fuss is about. Then they are snagged. But if someone does find out about it - if they dig a little deeper and find out that cocaine destroys the teeth, ages the young severely and lands one in jail for years, someone might be motivated to steer clear of cocaine. Curiosity satisfied, trap avoided! That's an extreme example but you can see what I am saying.

The key is to just be in Wisdom about it - to let the Spirit lead you. He can let you know what you need to know and - if you listen to Him - keep you out the snags. :)

And welcome to the forums by the way! :)