Family Prayer Without Fail! <3

God's goodness is all around us, and often we find His biggest blessings in the smallest places of our lives.

About 2/3 months back, mom and I decided to get serious about family prayer. We had prayer on and off but it was never consistent. So finally we said no more compromise, and we prayed for God to keep us faithful in this family prayer.

Today, I can say God kept His promise and we haven't missed a single day! What's amazing is the amount of times God would remind one of us - out of nowhere - before 12.00AM that night.

Once, we were both already in our beds and God woke me up and we prayed. Another time we were going out that evening and we'd be back late, so God reminded us to pray before we went out!

Let me say it like this, statistically speaking we should've missed at least one day by now. But because God was the third person in our family prayer, He didn't allow it.
Tq Dad! :love: