Fan Or A Follower?

What is the difference between being a follower of Jesus (and) being a fan of
Jesus? Describe a time when you were more of a fan. Why was this so? What helps you stay focused on being a fully devoted follower?
IMO, Jesus came as a messenger, not wanting to take credit, about His Fathers business.

Why do most people think He came to save satans world? Jesus came to qualify, to over throw satan, when He returns like a Lion, IMO
There are many people who claim to be Jesus followers who really are nothing more than "fans" of Jesus. How can you determine whether or not you are merely a fan or an all-out, passionate follower of Jesus? There is quite an easy test. "the most basic definition of fan in the dictionary [is] 'An enthusiastic admirer" (24). In other words, fans are people who claim to "follow" a certain person or group, and they know everything about them, but they do not actually know that person on a personal, relational level. In other words, they have no sort of a relationship with that person they claim to follow. They only have a knowledge due to the obsession that they may have with that person.
let's analyze what the true, committed follower of Jesus looks like. When you are a follower of someone, not only do you know everything about them (which is indeed crucial for any relationship), but you also know them on a personal, relational level. What I mean is, you know everything about them, you also know them on a personal level, you have interacted with them and seen them as they really are, you have committed your whole self to being with that one person forever, or you have committed yourself to consistently loving that person, no matter what.