Favorite books in the OT and the NT

Jun 17, 2018
Phoenix Arizona
I have always enjoyed getting people’s opinions on this one .
So to start off here are mine . Note they may change sense none of the below were my favorites in the past with the exception of Mathew. That was the first book I read in the Bible that got me .
Here are my few I say few because for me some books go together for me .
Out of the OT I enjoyed most were Job Ecclesiastes,and Proverbs. I always read these together in my go through of the Bible. No matter how often I read them I am blessed by somthing new .

Now on to my favorite in the NT there are Three again that I really enjoy.Not to say I don’t enjoy the rest . Mathew Acts ,and Romans are three that I just read twice as I go through the Bible.
Not that the others are less important. All scripture is equally relevant and important.
It’s that those mentioned above are ones I really enjoy.
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Book of Proverbs and Revelation for me, if had to pick an entire 'book' although all of them are important.

I enjoy proverbs because each verse is wisdom. Its not stories like the rest of the bible. God always gives me wisdom from Proverbs.

Revelation because, heaven is promised and I love to read about Jesus conquering evil. It never gets old. Also, it says itself that anyone who reads it is blessed. And I want to be blessed!

The other OT stories I enjoy, too many to list, but Jesus Parables in the gospels are spiritual food for me.
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May 1, 2017
Great topic.
the last time i read the bible completely through i started in the book of John and read through revelations, then onto genesis and then finished with the book of john. It was a great study.

now i have started again. This time i started in the OT and started with 1 Samuel and will read to revelations. then i will go to genesis and read to 1 samuel again. i am truly loving the OT. i am loving the history of Judah and Israel. cannot say i have a favorite. i am in 1 Chronicles right now. the bible is such a beautiful act of love of God and Christ.
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