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Musical Tastes

You know, as we grow in God we change
from Glory to Glory 2 Cor. 3:18.

The artists you have listed were the ones
my wife, son and friends of ours listened
to among a host of others of course.

But now we 'crave' the syrupy anointed
Messianic sounds of Paul Wilbur, Lamb,
and Maranatha singers.

No use for the Contemporary Christian
Music of today.

Also, have you ever heard of Michael J. Talbot.
fantastic 'troubador' of the Lord! :smt035

Shalom my brother,
Feb 26, 2006
Re: Favorite "Jesus Music" artists

WorshiperChris said:
I enjoy many of the artists and bands of the "Jesus Music" era (circa 1970-1985) such as Honeytree, David Meece, Whiteheart and Keith Green. What are some of your favorite Christian artists from yesteryear?

I love Honeytree,she was the first christian artist that I listened to back when I was 12-13 years old.
My favorite song is "I am your servant".
Also ,after I became a mom, I would sing the
" Lullaby " song to my daughter all the time.

One cd I just bought yesterday,is " Reflection of Something" by Todd Agnew. I love his voice,and his lyrics are really blessed , especially, the track,
My Jesus.


I love almost every form of christian music as music itself was created to worship the master.
Worship is my favourite followed by praise but I also love contemporary,rock, semi classical and may other forms. It is a eal pleasure to see an artist worship God with his instrument and talent.
Stryper and Petra (the era of "This Means War to Unseen Power") was great 80's Christian music long with Mylon and Broken Heart

However, the "Jesus Music" of the 1970's. I loved 2nd Chapter of Acts. They seemed so authentic. I know many here will despise me, but I always thought Keith Green couldn't sing at all.