favourite tv shows

Stsrgste Atlantis and anything on the History channel
When I watched TV it was the History channel and anything educational.
I haven't watched in well over a year!

My kids have been watching Dr. Who- I have enjoyed the Blue Planet series- my grandson likes Veggie Tales (so do I) !
I haven't watched TV in a long time (we have no cable and only get one channel on the tv). When I did watch tv, I loved CSI, Law & Order, Criminal Minds, The Outer Limits, the sci-fi channel, I liked the x-files back with Scully and Mulder, The old Star Trek's, I like watching HGTV-- all shows, and I like some things on the History Channel, I like PBS with the British Mysteries and their educational programming, and I like the weather channel, and the channel with real crime stories, etc.

Okay, before anyone thinks I was a tv junkie in the past, no I was not. I just like so much that if I ever did watch tv then I had dozens of channels to pick from. :p I am an information junkie, if anything. When I did watch tv, I watched around 2 shows a day.
I almost forgot one of the best shows ever- the Colbert Report!:cool: