FBI Warns of al Qaeda Attack on New York Commuter Trains


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FBI Warns of al Qaeda Attack on New York Commuter Trains

The FBI has warned New York area law enforcement of a "plausible but unsubstantiated" al Qaeda suicide bomb attack against the area's commuter rail systems over the holiday.

Probably just like those in London.

When me and my family visited England we left a few weeks before the bombings. I don't like the underground, as they call it, and for a good reason. I think God was protecting us during we when had to take the underground to visit Harrod's, because they could have possibly done it when we were on the trains.


Terrorists also play a mind game. All the terrorists have to do now is mention a possible target and people get scared and security thickens. Yes security DOES need to be on alert, that is for certain. I am just saying they could have us hopping here there and everywhere and just strike once in a while to keep us from becoming complacent. Sort of like puppet masters.


Sadly only the colonial British really knew how to keep those animals in check. They would take their remains, wrap them in a pig skin and burn the bodies. The radical Muslims would then be afraid to die as they believed this made them unclean and they would go to hell.
I wholeheartedly endorse the revival of that practice.