Fear Not

I was reading in Philippians 4 following a time of prayer in which I was bringing to the Lord some concerns in my life. And, the Lord encouraged me with the words of that passage of scripture with regard to what I was going through, and with regard to what I was bringing before him in prayer. He had given me a tune the night before, and as I prayed for words to the tune, he reminded me of this passage I had just read. The words fit the tune so perfectly. I believe this is from the Lord, and I pray it will encourage your hearts, too.

Fear Not! / An Original Work / October 20, 2011

Based off of Philippians 4

Rejoice in the Lord!
Gentle be always.
The Lord is near you.
Fear not in all things.
But in ev’rything
By prayer, with thanksgiving,
Share your requests.
God will guard your hearts
With His peace always.

Think about these things:
Whate’er is honest;
Pure and is lovely;
And is praiseworthy.
Whate’er you have learned,
Or you have received, or
You heard from Christ,
Make it your practice.
God will be with you.

I can do all things
Through Him who gives strength.
Whate’er I go through,
Satisfied I’ll be.
My God will meet all
My needs according to
His riches in
Jesus Christ, my Lord.
Praise Him forever!