Feedback Needed On Web Design... <-- Please Take A Look.

Hi folks,

I'm relatively new here.

I strongly believe in Mark 16:15-16 - about sharing the Good News with all the world. So I have recently built my very first website to give back to the world - free Bibles and free Christian Devotions.

Since this is my first website, however - I'm concerned that it might be ugly and might turn people away from the Truth.

Would some of you mind maybe taking a quick peek and giving me some honest feedback? Thanks a bunch!

Oh, and if you want to get a free Bible and some great Devotionals, you can always sign up while you're there.

The link is in my signature.
OK. Took a look. Well done ... colorful but readable, simple, straight forward, everything is spelled correctly. I didn't sign up so I don't know if that button works but I did check the "like" buttons out and they seem to work. (sorry, I'm a software tester by trade so I think a little strange)

Nice work,
I am an Flash Animator in e learning.
If you feel to add some flash animation, Shall i do that part in your website ?

Then, i am not a web designer. But have interested in that, So only i am asking.

As you are doing free of cost service. I also like to do free animation and design service.
Great stuff. I love the idea here. I just have one thing that you might want to consider. The page has a bit of a advertising/informertial feel to it. I see those yellow highlighted words and red checkmarks in a lot of annoying popups.

Just my thoughts. I may be the only one that got this impression.

But I truely love what you are doing here. Good work.