Figure on Mars

Listen, I know that guy! He lives in Washington State and is probably vacationing in Mars for the winter. I'm sure it's Bigfoot. I'd know him anywhere.
I went to Wal-Mart a few months ago and bought a fairly inexpensive camera. Just a little over $100.00. None of my pictures are fuzzy.

Does NASA buy their cameras at target?
Bo - you and your doorway.:D

Serious...when commercial flights become available, we should go there and check it out.
Hey, Whirlwind - - -

That photo up in yer first post looks alot like a politician from over yonder in Massachusetts. He drinks a bunch and everbody in New England has known this guy to be a 'space case' fer years and years. As he is soberin' up every mornin', he always tells his friends that 'little green men' were after him.

Now don't that beat all? - Fer once in his life, he wuz tellin' the truth !! :D