Find me in the river

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Here's a poem I wrote yesterday. Sort of an informal baptism, he washes our sins away.

The Final Swim

The waves were crashing, the wind was blowing and I was running fearlessly.

Over rocks, fallen branches, dead leaves everywhere, doubt tried to creep in but I could not falter nor fail.

The river was furious, as if it could stop me, the waves were rising and breaking like those of the ocean.

When I stepped in, I could feel the icy chill and the fury of the river swirling against my legs, but I was resolute and I dove right in.

Sweet victory, I was exhilirated and triumphant!


You have a great way with words my friend.

Dive in deeply, the River of God flows from heaven.
Stand strong for the wind and waves of this world will not move you.
Just trying to make sure I'm getting the message of this beautiful song.
So, if you are going through a dry spell, where you don't sense the presense of God, by staying in the River, as in "on your knees," where the river flows, is where you will find me. So, it is during these times of dryness, that we can get on our knees and in faith, continue on. That's a beautiful meaning. Thanx, Bo.

And, that was a beautiful poem you wrote too, Don! The River having a different message, but riviting.


Find me in the river was one of the songs our youth pastor chose to play at our baby girl's funeral. Thanks for bringing back a touching song for me.
That is such an amazing song, its so true, when we're cracked and dry, God will flood us with his water of life and lift us up again. I ready to jump in to that cold water. Amen