First car!


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This is technically my first WORKING car.

This might seem small to some, but this is the last step to be independent and the work that Jesus has done in my life.

All glory, all honor, goes to Him. I’m not an overcomer on my own accord but of His. I overcame abuse from others, I overcame the words spoken over me. I overcame trauma, PTSD. Because HE healed me.

Back in 2014, after graduating Bible college, I was angry, bitter, and I hurt Christians in the process of running away from God. An acclaimed atheist, but the Holy Spirit continued tugging at me.

I tasted His grace, I tasted His love. And this car shows yet again what He’s been doing for me since I came back to Him in 2018.

I am thankful for those who stayed and loved me, even when I attempted to burn a bridge with them. They are the real MVPs and the ones I truly call brothers and sisters in Christ.


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