Five Things To Be Grateful For Today:

My 5 things I am thankful for:
  1. That I am born again
  2. That I'm not pregnant
  3. For my family
  4. For my home
  5. That I've lived almost 2 decades past my life expectancy (they said 6 months to 20 years, so the 6 months -- ;D
Was pregnant twice and had wonderful babies who have given me wonderful babies, some of whom are now grown!
  1. grateful for my job
  2. grateful for my boss
  3. grateful that my office does cool down some
  4. grateful that I got a lot done there
  5. SUPER GRATEFUL that I came home to my husband standing over the grill with fresh salmon and BBQed beef. All I did was the corn on the cob, the salad, and cut the rosemary bread in slices.
  1. Thankful that while my original program at work for the attendance at Bible class was completely lost in the new computer, I was able to get something out of Excel they can use.
  2. Thankful that it doesn't stay hot all day.
  3. Thankful I am going back to sleep in a few minutes.
  4. Thankful for my weight loss.
  5. Thankful for this site.
My wifee
my home
my health
To have a loving God who takes care of me
Having fish on the grill that God let me catch :)
Five Things I'm Grateful For Today:
1. Weekends,
2. Quiet moments,
3. Eating good chicken flavored Ramen noodles with chicken,
4. Fruits and vegetables; and
5. Someone cutting the front yard for free.
Five Things I'm Grateful For Today:
1. Time Banking: giving one's time of service in exchange of receiving the same amount of time of service,
2. Getting my entire lawn cut for free,
3. God hearing and answering my prayers no matter if He blesses or rejects them,
4. A good two days at work; and
5. The ability to rest on weekends.
  1. My husband. What a man! I cam home from synagogue so tired I went to bed. When I awoke, he had barbecued a ton of steaks and chicken and had cut up fresh, uncooked vegies and fruit for dinner. We had dinner, then I put the barbecued meats away for the future. What a man! What a sweetheart!
  2. Thankful for my weight loss, for which our G-d is responsible.
  3. Cooler weather.
  4. Salvation.
  5. Hope for the future.
1. Jesus
2. My rescued pup was abused at the groomer the other day, but thanks be to God he's doing much better today.
3. Family, and financial security.
4. the harvest of our grass field is beginning.
5. Life.