Ok, ok, I know .. here she goes again. I am on a roll folks! This is amazing to look at some of these and see where I am today.. My focus in my life now is Jesus Christ.. he is the focus..

I stood there in the bright sunlight with my camera in hand. I was attempting to take pictures on a bright sunny day. The snow was glistening in the background. I was struggling to get the picture in focus. Everything looked fuzzy. I was trying to figure out which dial on the digital camera to use to get a clear picture.

The more I thought about this event. It brought to mind my life. Is that not what happens in life? We find ourselves unfocused. . How many times in a day do you find yourself unfocused with the task at hand? Do you find yourself trying to figure out which dial to turn to have it all become in focus?

When we allow our life to become fuzzy and unclear, we find ourselves lost in the big picture of life. Once we are lost, we struggle to find ourselves. I realized on the way home from work today that I need to declutter my mind. How in the world am I going to do this I asked myself? I decided the best way for me was to sit down with a large piece of paper and write down all the thoughts and tasks that are keeping me from being focused.

As I looked at the endless list, I realized that the majority of the list could be taken care of. Once these tasks are done I will be able to see more clearly. By being able to see more clearly, I will be able to focus on myself.

It is shared in Empowered Recovery to take the focus off of other people and put the focus back on ourselves. I have had the opportunity to make a choice and take my life back. As each day goes on, I continue to learn and discover things about me. My life was very fuzzy. It was such a mess that some days, I did not even remember making it through the day. I learned there is hope for me. A thought that a year ago, I would not have even considered.

I envision in my mind now a clear picture. A clear picture of who I am and who I want to be. I have had to change my own way of thinking. I was caught up in what I believe they call the “Stinking Thinking”. This is a horrible way to think!

There are many of us that have allowed ourselves to be browbeaten, verbally abused and taken advantage of. We found ourselves in the spectrum of a whirlwind downward spiral spin. Life was out of control. We were out of control. We were way out of focus.

It takes self determination, self respect and self will power to become focused. No one can do it for us. We can only do it for ourselves. We can look to guidance from others. The bottom line is ONLY YOU CAN TAKE CARE OF YOU.

I say to you on this brisk cold March evening, what dials in your life do you need to turn to allow your life to become focused? Remember it starts with you. Once you are able to start living a clear focused life, you will no longer struggle with the fuzziness you once allowed.
March 7, 2006