Food For Thought

Dec 24, 2018
I listened to this song... and it really had an impact on me. It is about choices that we make in certain situations, which will determine what we will do when we don't have no time to think; only react.
After reading this song (since I can't upload the song for you to hear), let me know what you think.

3 Women​

Three women walking, but where they do not know. They heard a voice while sleeping telling them to go. It said their time has come… for you to grow. Now when the silence comes they hear the echo, so they started on their path through the wind and snow. There hearts holding a map; a compass in their soul.

Three women traveling from the west to the east. Came upon a golden vulture who was eager for a feast. He said, “I will give you a golden feather, if you give me some meat. Put something to death so that I can eat.” One refused his bribery, but two of them agreed. One servant of conscience... and two servants of greed.

Three women searching for their souls to save, happened to stumble upon a cave. A sign at the entrance declared it was a grave, “Here in lies the foolish and brave.” Once again that same voice came. Commanding them to enter; all the women were afraid. On entering the cave they heard a shrillful cry. Something was in pain; something was inside. A mytheratic bull captured their eye, a thin stream of blood flowing from its side. And two women fled and went to hide, while one women stayed to help the creature survive.

Now three women wandered where the mountain stopped. They found two horned beasts locked in combat. And two womens feat were clumsy and fat, so they alerted the beasts where the women were at. And the beasts ran at the women and they were moving so fast. And soon their lives will be a thing of the past.

And as the beast were growing ever near; one women shouted showing no fear. She ran at the beasts with her hands in the air, so the other two women might be sparred. Her bones did break and her skin did tear. But her soul needed no repair. One women died in honor, and two women lived in shame. One women died free, and two women lived in chains. And one women died an example, and two women know what to do. They said we will follow her example, until our lives are through.