For the Board Staff - Thank You

For the Board Staff - Thank You

I appreciate all of your kind help.

If there was a Christian Forum Rating Site I would give you 5 stars for excellence in service. You should rename this place "Christian Sanctuary", it is such a wonderful place to be!

Here's 5 reasons WHY you're a great staff:

1. You take advice from God. God knows best and you guys know He knows best. He's the one keeping this forum together. If it wasn't for Him this place would be just like those other forums.

2. You pick staff not by favoritism but by a Godly standard. Even though I have never applied for staff on any other forum I know they are electing their "favorites" or their "friends", and how can you be sure those people aren't going to act superior over the regular members?

3. You respect the members. You see us as brothers and sisters in Christ - not someone in Oklahoma or someone in England, or someone with an expensive house or an apartment. You love us for who we are, not what we are.

4. You are non-denominational. You are not a anti-whatever forum. You allow others to grow and mature here, not feel like they're an outsider.

5. You love God and embrace His teachings! And, you know Him, too!


Pastor Gary

Senior Moderator and Staff Trainer
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Senior Moderator
Staff Trainer
Thank you for your kind comments.

The staff is only as good as the general memebrship, for without their assistance in reporting posts and without their adherance to the forum regulations, our job would be substantially more difficult than it is.

We, on the staff, appreciate YOU, because YOU are the backbone of the CFS forum... the general membership... and YOU are the reason that CFS is what it is... a friendly, Christians-only place in cyber space to fellowship, to participate, to learn, to share and to thank God for His blessings. :)

Pastor Gary