For the CA & VA Supreme Courts (inspired by Psalm 82)

For the CA & VA Supreme Courts (inspired by Psalm 82)

Oh you proud gods in black
Now you wage your attack
On the only True Law
Now your corrupted maw
And false-whited locks are back

Legislating from the bench
Using gavel as a wrench
To open Hell's Pandora box
Binding souls in Sodom's locks
Burning Molech's incense: fleshy stench

You gods in white and baby blue
Mocking purity with thy hue
Then defiling the mothers matrix
Wielding scalpel, knife, and latex
Or a deadly devils brew

You gods in crimson power tie
Who loveth and maketh many a lie
Steeped in vanity and graft
You slyly ploy your stately craft
But should you deny the Lord on high?

You gods in colors of the alma maters
Pouring toxins in our waters
Teaching now that sin is not
And other lies that you have bought
Deceiving our good sons and daughters.

You gods in blue-chip Armani suit.
Adopting so much P.C. policy-fruit.
All best practices were taught
But you choose to let them rot.
You care for nothing but thy loot.

You gods in green and Marxist red.
The ground you tread is strewn with dead
Check that thy priority
Is good for all humanity
Not just thy vanity instead.

You gods who claim the color purple
Throw thy stone and watch the ripple.
When for popularity
You fan the lust iniquity
Action and consequence uncouple.

You gods in earthy camouflage
The peace you seek is a mirage
If the means to it requires
Violent quagmires.
Thy priorities need triage.

You gods with Napoleonic crowns of gold
So ambitious, proud, self-made, and bold.
Let a little introspection
And humble reflection
Return you to the Shepherd of the fold

You proud and mighty Justices are blind
To The Law of His Perfect Holy Mind
And with your darkened view
Woe is what you imbue
When Holy Truth is maligned.

But God stands in this congregation of the proud.
And He judges you gods of rainbow shroud.
How long will ye subvert true laws,
Promoting all thy wicked cause?
Won't you defend our children from Satan's crowd?

Do justice to the afflicted, poor, and needy.
Deliver them from the hand of perverse and greedy.
But alas, you do not now nor ever will you.
You walk blindly, doth the darkness fill you.
Thy lot be cast, thy pact is made: an unholy treaty.

Ohh, society is knocked off it's foundation
When His constitution causes such consternation.
Ye mighty gods are children of the haughty
But ye shall die like the proud and naughty
Arise, O God, judge the earth, and inherit every nation.

copyright DPartlow (me) 2007
Thank you both for your kind words and encouragement. I will post some of my other works here frommy book 'Sunrise On The Mount'.