For the One I Love

5/16/11: I was inspired by the passage I read for my quiet time this morning from Isaiah 5, which begins by Isaiah saying, "I will sing for the one I love a song about his vineyard..." I sensed the Lord had a song for me based off of that song, only about Jesus Christ and what he did for us, so I asked him, and he gave me this song about the One I love. This song truly expresses how I feel about my Lord, so when I sing it, I am singing about the One I Love to the One I Love.

Jesus Christ is so precious to me. He lives within me, so he is always with me. I don’t have a religion, I have a life. I don’t have just a belief, I have a relationship. Jesus is not some idea or concept, nor is he far off or just a historical figure. I know him intimately. I share with him my deepest thoughts, my heartaches, by burdens, and my concerns for the ones I love. I tell him about what is on my mind and heart. And, he talks to me about what is on his heart. I enjoy my time with him, which is not limited to a small block of time each day, either. He is ever present with me speaking his words so gentle to my heart.

For the One I Love / An Original Work / May 16, 2011

I will sing for the one I love a song about his vineyard… (Is. 5:1a)

I’ll sing for the One I love
A song about His great love.
He died for our sins,
He rose from the grave,
And He reigns triumphantly.
He entered the throne of heav’n,
Where He lives to intercede.

I’ll sing for the One I love,
A song of His forgiveness.
His blood paid the price,
So we could be free
To live in victory.
He conquered our sin in death,
So we’d live for Him instead.

I’ll sing for the One I love,
A song of His soon return.
He’s soon coming back
To receive His own,
Who wait for Him patiently.
He makes us His holy bride,
Prepared for her husband, King!