Force Something To Happen

I listen to the news everyday and on any other day that I tune in, my heart bleeds for the generation we live in. Why is that all kinds of dark things take place today and people’s attention are yet drifted so so far to somewhere else?

Now, instead of turning strengths into doing something good most people waste it in many degrading things. Sometimes I wonder if there are still people who are determined and genuine and care about the world very much like I do today.

As for me, I have decided to do whatever it will take to help restore life in people again after the unexpected happen. I have decided to start an ngo to respond to worst-hit disaster victims and emergencies.

I am a science graduate from the university and majored in Chemistry but I prefer doing this than doing other things somewhere that have nothing to do with restoring this lost generation today.

I know that doing things like this will demand huge sacrifices and I am prepared to give everything for it. I have pressed firmly to start this many times and have failed but I’m not giving up until I get it fully running. I was born and raised in Ghana. Here, getting things like this done is not as easy as it is in other countries but over here too, there are also sceptics like there are anywhere on the globe. This is my 5th attempt and I believe that I will win this time. The banks and credit companies are not willing to give me a loan to start-up, they prefer investing in mortgages but I often ask myself where their mortgages will be when disasters strike. Also in Ghana, before you can earn the legal right to operate and function on anything, the society itself will make sure that you pass over many hurdles and is particularly driving many youths into doing illegal things that cannot be named here. Last year alone, I wrote to 1000 funding agencies and nothing happened. This time I am crowd funding to raise the money I need to run.

I am asking here that readers will visit my campaign page and then post it up in their social media. I want another hand to act as my other hand to reach far and draw all the funding I need to take off from March. When you visit , you will find there a link that you can post on your facebook, twitter, or on any other social media platform. It is very easy. Help me to force this to happen no matter what. You can write to me directly with questions, [email protected].



If it's God, it's not this hard. Forcing things is bad.

You need to do what God said to do, not what you want to do.