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some are used by the evil spirit.forgiveness is true.they have to find truth and fight the evil spirits.
The Christ made relevance to words I know I can trust on how simple he made his confirmation as essential to the human heart ..

Forgiveness is a relief, very much so it is of choice to be adequate of oneself, rather than the unfavorable but of real effort of a real human being, that to truly forgive you are giving license to allow humans to be humans, that at best the comforting choices one must be close to at heart, that life is put relevant for cause of really being caring ..
Joyce Meyer said something about forgiveness years ago that really freed me from a lot of guilt and condemnation. I don't recall her exact words, but she related that forgiveness is a decision, and not a feeling. Our feelings may still be wounded, but when we forgive from our heart, God will heal the wounded feelings and emotions we suffered from the wrong or offense committed against us. We may still experience the pain of the wrong/offense when we encounter the person, but the more we walk in love and forgiveness toward that person or persons, the sooner our feelings/emotions will heal. I can't even begin to articulate how that freed me.:dance:



Yes, I beleive that FORGIVENESS is a conscious chioce that we all have to make. Some are harder than others but the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ helps us through that choice.

We can choose to stay in our unforgiving attitude and have a pity party or we can choose to forgive and move on. Those that choose to stay in unforgiveness are the real loosers cause they are the ones that people don't want to be around. They wear you down and keep going round and round focusing on poor me , me, me .all the time . Do you like to be around those people ??

Matthew 6:12
Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

Matthew 6:14
For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.

Matthew 6:15
But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

Where as the forgiving person can move forward and be free. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom . Thankyou Jesus.

Myself, I choose to forgive and even if sometimes it is not my fault, I still feel liberated from the problem or relationship because I have asked for forgiveness.PTL
Hi ..

They wear you down and keep going round and round focusing on poor me , me, me .all the time . Do you like to be around those people ??

It is on a certain aspect not a privilege for the unwelcomeness of anything of another, but yet one is well to occupy non discriminatory or accusatory when dealt with improper relate by the accident of failure for good, rather viable truth is comforting example, that to find agreeable insist is to really acknowledge your part in not being withheld by low deed because another does not really understand the values in motive .. Worth as Christian is being adept in all circumstance, rather at the dispensation of wrong a Christian will not be motivated at all by this wrong, but in motivated only and just only on the acknowledgeable deed, firm significance Christ made known himself for, that all Christ did for us is not in vain, that we take good heed with all our lives ..

Please allow me to do this Dusty, that I may share my pleading for establishment .. You have a good summary Dusty, another significant message of you, rather your encouragement is sharp ..
I sure hope I'm forgiven. It's all I have to lean on now. Jesus is the only thing that's keeping me from ending this thing called a life.


Dear Jaser,

Wow ,that is a very good way to describe forgiveness on so many levels. I like your racional.

Yes , I beleive in a lot of instances where there has been a very deep hurt that it is a process to reach to the level three that you described.

But because we are totally forgiven by Jesus when we got saved , I think it is also a necessity that we learn to forgive others.

Jesus teaches us to be transparent and I am sure you know the verse .... The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Mark 14 : 38 It is not in our nature to forgive And we want to hold on to grudges. But if we release those hurts and old grudges to Him we will feel the liberty that He is talking about.

Just as an example in my own life. I went through a very abusive marriage for twenty years. The Lord delivered me from that in His own timing. Now, I could have chose to remain in unforgiveness and be a prisoner in my own life, but I chose to forgive my ex -husband and move on. Like you said Jaser, it is a process and it took time to work through all the emotions but with the Lord's help ..... ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. :bible: PTL.


I sure hope I'm forgiven. It's all I have to lean on now. Jesus is the only thing that's keeping me from ending this thing called a life.

Dear Jeremy,

Whatever has happened in your life is never too big or too small for the Lord to forgive. And yes, Jesus is the way the truth and the life and to daily walk with Him will keep and sustain you. Our Lord specializes in problems. Lean upon Him for your needs.

He has given you life and given it to you more abundantly. He is a friend to the friendless and a hope to the hopeless.

Please if you can , find a good Bible believing church where you can find people who are concerned and will pray with you. You need praying people to surround you with their love and prayers.

I will be praying for you, Jeremy and do not put negative thoughts into your mind as those come from satan himself , who wants to deceive you and tell you , you are not forgiven.
You are forgiven by the Blood of the Lamb that was slain for us on the precious Cross.

God bless and give us an update. He is able to keep you and sustain if you put your hope and trust in Him.

Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever.:groupray: