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Mar 3, 2007
The CFS Staff would like to remind anyone wishing to promote ANY website or link to ANY site that sells products or services that STAFF PERMISSION must be requested BEFORE any such post is placed anywhere in the CFS Forum, including this "Business and Finance" section. This area is designed for discussions ONLY on how business and finance topics have affected your walk on the path of Christianity.

Forum Rule 7.1: "Rule 7.1. If any member wishes to post at CFS with any request for funding, for offering products for sale or to place a link in this forum to any site that requests financial donations or sells any type of products, they must first obtain permission from our Administrative staff via PM. Please include sales details, funding details or the off-site link URL in your PM request as well as a list of products or services that are offered from you or through that site. This permission will only be granted in exceptional circumstances, if at all. "

Thank you for your cooperation.
Not open for further replies.