As someone who has worked with hundreds of families I know several who have adopted.

There also seems to be a trend in the Bible - those who God has placed an extra special calling upon - are often adopted. I am not interested in debating or talking about that point, just that it is an observation.

Most of the families I know who have adopted would tell you it was a wonderful, very rewarding experience. I do know of two families who said it was a horrifying experience and nearly ruined their marriages. As you can imagine, these two cases were due to very special needs children. One who was truly psychotic and another who had severe learning issues.

My take on adopting - If God is calling you to take this action, then by all means follow Him and His calling!! If you are wanting to adopt for any other reason, stop and seek the Lord for His will.

Do you have any specific questions?
I have two very dear friends who have been working to adopt! My first friend they signed up to be foster parents for emergency situations where kiddos needed a home for 24-48 hours. They would provide a safe place that was loving and not a group home. One night they got a call to go to the hospital, and bring home a baby. Baby Olivia was 2 days old and is beautiful! They have had her for 3 months now and will probably adopt her and another child that they have been fostering. Their intentions were just to be foster parents, but they ended up finding that they wanted to be more and they have the means to adopt and raise these kiddos.

My other friends just finished their home study for an overseas adoption. They have been raising money for a couple years and are awaiting progress on their application. This is a longer process with a lot of downtime, but they believe there is a child waiting for them in China!