Fox Network Series "24"

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Fox Network Series "24"

The 2009 series "24" has the complete attention of millions of loyal viewers. The producers and directors have gone out of their way this season to provide technically correct action sequences and their tecnhical advisors, as well as some of the cast members, are actually ex-military personnel.

The story line this season is quite feasable - given the technology of terrorists worldwide and the manner in which terrorists advance their causes by violent force.

For those who have not yet found "24" for weekly viewing, a synopsis of the 2009 season can be found in the link below. It is wise for all of us to be educated in the ways of modern terrorists and "24" helps us to realize the potential harm that can be done when persons who have no Christian values, wish to 'take over' and to eliminate all those persons who they feel are inferior. History has shown us that these persons have a certain noteriety for their deeds, but always ultimately fail. Be secure in your knowledge of how these persons operate, be safe, be observant and provide safety and security for your families. Do not become complacent - complacency is a tool of terrorists.

For newcomers to "24" - each episode takes place over a 1 hour real-time period. There are "24" episodes each season making up one full day (24 hours) in the life of character Jack Bauer... an operative who is patriotic and has nothing but the well being of his country at heart. Use the following link for the progression of season seven - the recap can be found 1/2 way down the page on the left:



I haven't seen it yet but I heard it is excellent.
"24" is a big deal here in my hometown as it is also the hometown of the President (Cherry Jones). She will be here on the 18th for a "public forum with the President" and there is going to be an auction with the proceeds going to a local charity. My wife went to school with Cherry.
This strikes a curiosity for me, although I could never really get into this type of show. I don't like Kiefer Sutherland as an actor to start, let alone shows of this nature. Thanks for the insight! :)
My 42 year old son who lives in another state other than this one faithfully and has mentioned it to me several times. So we (husband and I) finally watched it last week and we both thought it was really good. We probably will watch it again. I really enjoyed Cherry performance. I have noticed her in some pretty good movies in minor roles over the years; so am glad to see her talented acting being used in this series. In the episode I viewed Jon Voight played well a believable and radically villianous character, a terrorist, who, throughly deceived, thinks the evil he does is good. :eek: