Free 5 month webhosting

Which website should should get the hosting plan?

  • [url=""]Most High Kingdom[/url]

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  • [url=""]The Christian Defense[/url]

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Free 5 month webhosting

Here's what happened. CFS was previously hosted on ASmallOrange shared server. Now that we moved to a VPS account from PrimaryVPS, we dont need the old account anymore. The old plan continues till December and so I have decided to give it away to someone really needing it.

Plan details:
  • 400mb Space
  • 10Gb Bandwidth
  • Additional features:
  • You will need to register your own domain name and pay for hosting expenses after 5 months of free hosting. Its not really expensive; domain registration cost around $9/yr and hosting cost around $5/month.
  • ASmallOrange is known to provide very good service and they are mostly recommended by forum admins. I liked their service very much.
How to win?
What you will need to do is reply to this thread, how you intend to use it. Come up with something really convincing and achievable, like personal ministry, building a Christian forum/community, or some very great idea of yours. I'll keep this thread open till 23rd of June.

Selection process:
After we receive the submissions, I'll post a poll for 5 best nominated ideas. You can then all vote for the winner. Yes, you can vote for yourself. :D Nominations will be done either by CFS members or the moderators.

Both members and moderators can take part. You need a minimum of 5 post to enter the contest.

I am an admin on another forum; and we are looking for a better host than where we are currently. The site owner is strapped for cash but has done a wonderful job with the site...this would really help him out. The current account is frequently suspended due to bandwidth over-limit (bummer).
I really like this idea of yours. I am going to try for it.

I am an admin on my forum Most High Kingdom and there aren't really to many Christian forums targeted just for teens. Yes we have some adults on it but most of the forum is for teens. We have been a bit slow lately and I am already trying to get a Domain name which I think I will get it sometime next week or the week after. But Most High Kingdom is a great forum for Teens just to talk about the Bible and just to hang out at. I have been trying to get web hosting and a domain for a while now to spread the word about Most High Kingdom. See right now I am on a Free forum and I would like to get to one that isn't free so we will be able to go further into the web with Most High Kingdom. I have been advertising and advertising Most High Kingdom and it really hasn't gotten to many members because most people say that it isn't a good forum just because it was free. So there are most of the reasons why Most High Kingdom needs the webspace. But if I don't get it I will be happy for the person who did get it.
Wow, I love that host!

I would like it for a forum that my brother owns. The forum is a christian one and it is fairly small but still getting members on it. My brother is going to get a domain name for it, so we will be able to search it up easyer, make it so more people can get to it. Most people who have paid forums say we should get the money to pay for a paid forum, but we don't have that kind of money, so we are using the recources we have. I am currently the coder of the forum Most High Kingdom, and the space would help a bunch for creating new codes and adding more and more stuff to the forum so the users will like it more, and more and more people will join. So, I am hoping I can get some webspace so I can make the forum look more than just a regular old forum, so it will look like a forum where people can learn, share and talk about the wonderfull things that god has done and will do.
Those all sound like worthy sites...I am happy to know there are so many positive potential uses for the space, and what a great idea to offer it up like that! It occurs to me that it might be inappropriate for me to post a link to another forum...don't want to appear to be competing with this one, so I've remove the link from my first post. Appologies to the admins here at this forum :eek:


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The poll has been extended for two more days. After migrating CFS into new server, specific ISPs' DNS resolvers still had the old, cached information. Therefore, certain members on specific ISPs (or maybe using those specific DNS resolvers), would have still been seeing the old site and therefore they were not able to vote here.
Such updation may take up to 3 days and I'm trying to give them a chance to vote too.